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   Meet Aurelia

Aurelia's love of nature and need for artistic expression influences her art.

Inspired by God's beautiful creation, she uses her raw talent to bring a glimmer of that natural wonder to life.

Born and raised in Southern Poland, outside of Krakow, art, culture, and music were fundamental components of her family heritage. Her great-grandfather was an accomplished painter whose works adorn the walls of several churches and monasteries in Poland. Artistry is in her blood and comes to her naturally from within. She often refers to the art she creates as "Art from my Soul" since it flows out from the depths of her soul without previous formal training.

Aurelia's passion for art started at an early age but did not blossom until later in her adult life, after becoming a mother and having a successful career as a registered nurse. Living her passions of being a mom, a nurse, and an artist makes her feel complete. Creating art brings her peace, joy and recharges her soul. Aurelia paints whatever inspires her. She favors painting portraits, flowers, landscapes, and still-life pieces. Her preferred medium is oil, although she paints in acrylics and draws with color pencils on occasion.

Over the years, she has developed into an award-winning artist, often participating in local art shows, including the Arts Colony in Corona, California. Her paintings have been featured in several exhibitions throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County, including a publication in Inland Empire and Plexus magazines. She is honored to be an artist at the Laguna Art-A-Fair fine art festival.

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